My Nail Polish Emporium!…♔

As you may remember I did a post on my nail polish collection & storage which looked like this…..



Well I am so stupidly excited by what I have just purchased I may actually cry. This is only something that my fellow polish addicts will understand the rest of you will most likely think I’m bonkers (which is actually true) but it is beautiful! I’m shedding a tear as we speak (or I type but I’m reading it all in my head anyway) It fits all my polish’s in as they are all in different sized bottles it would hold less of the larger bottles such as OPI & Revlon.

My only concern is do I store them by colour….


or by brand….

Nail Polish Rack

I do prefer having them in colour as its easier to see what colour I want but visually because all the bottles are different sizes it looks better by brand, either way I love it! You have nooo idea how long it took me to find this bad boy! I must have googled, ebayed, & amazoned nail polish racks a bazilion times & I never managed to find one that holds more than 30 polish’s for less than £60 but here it is the new love of my life (sorry Josh) isnt it amazing!

I had seen on another site which advertised it as being £35 with free P+P then added £7 VAT at checkout then insisted I had to spend at LEAST £50 BEFORE VAT which when i attempted made my seemingly cheap polish rack at £35 now cost me £67! RIDICULOUS is the word you are looking for. Enter Amazon *insert soppy face* this only cost £35 + £1.60 P+P! This is actually my Valentine present from my lovely lovely boyfriend he doesn’t quite get my obsession lol.

This is the first time I’d seen a rack that held over 90 bottles on the UK site they have loads on the US site (stupid england) but anyhoooo I’m rambling so what do you think?.

I’ve also been a busy little bee buying and ordering different nail art equipment but untill it all arrives I won’t be going through everything individually but for now here are my updated storage boxes….

Nail Art Storage

How do you store your nail polishs & equipment? & am I a bad polish lover for not owning any China Glaze, Essie or OPI polish’s? I feel bad about it….



Weekend Nails – Week 3 – Bah Humbug ♔

Here are is my newest & last addition to January’s weekend nails, It’s a little late as I had a busy day yesterday but it make me very sad that it’s almost February we only had christmas last week! It makes feel like saying Bah humbug so without further ado here are are the polish’s I used….


& here are my humbug nails….


To say I love black & white together would be an understatement the colour always look fantastic together no matter what pattern plus I’m going to a black & white party tonight so I knew they would look great with my outfit.


Mid-week Mani ♔ Week 3(ish)….

Ok well as I’m also doing a natural nail diary I decided I might aswell do these in a different post than my weekend nails which will kepp posts shorter & more to the point. I’m posting this abit late as I was extremly busy yesterday but from now on I hereby declare Wednesday will be forever know as Mid-week mani day! Or at least it will be to me and those of you that care lol.

This post will basically entail me giving my nails basic nail strengthing/cuticle/filing treatments then moaning & whining about how short/ugly/yellow/crumbly/flaky & so on & so forth my nails are, so if you aren’t a fan a natural non painted nails run away now & wait till saturday but if you are intrigued or like to be horrified on a weekly basis then please tune in to my mid-week horror show, which hopefully will not be so hideous in a few months (finger crossed).

I will also be giving my nails a score out of 10 for Strength, colour & length so here is this weeks entry…


Strength – 1 – my tips are still freakishly weak & crumbly as I still have a good few mm of length to go untill where my acrylics had been grow out

Length – 1 – What length? Ok well some them have a ickle tiny bit of tip to them but its pretty bendy & they break easily

Colour – 5 – I must stop painting to my cuticle bed & nail edges this is basic nail painting 101 but it’s a habit I gotten into & I must break it! But on the plus side I have been much better at using a base coat so although where the nail is growing out it is still a little yellow the majority of the nail is a nice pink colour


Weekend Nails – Week 2 – Golden Shred

Hey hey & welcome to week 2 of my weekend nail design first off here are my natural nails in all there dull glory.

My Natural Nails – Week 2


They look a little better than last week as they have been filed, buffed, & polished which means you can see less of the yellow tips but they still have a way to go before I’m happy with them.

But we all know you didn’t come to see those ugly things your came to see them looking all pretty & shiny so let’s move onto that. I had no set idea in my head about this design but I’d ordered some nail foils earlier in the week & by chance they arrived on friday & I had to try it out but I also wanted to use my Jessica polish again so I came up with a little practice pattern for them….

The Materials

Here are the things I used for this design.


Base coat – Rimmel – Stronger base coat

Polish – Jessica – Midnight Moonlight

Glitz Foil Adhesive

Nails Foils in Gold

The Design

First I painted 1 coat of the Rimmel base coat then 2 coats of the Jessica polish & waited till they had dried completely. I then cut out 10 smallish peices of foil around the same size as my thumb.


Then came the tricky part how would I get the lines of foil glue small enough? But I looked around and found an old liquid eyeliner & cleaned it out and it worked perfectly for the lines….


The glue goes on a whiteish colour & once it has dried it turn clear but is still tacky to the touch, next i took a peice of foil & gently placed it on top of my finger, When it was in place I used a cotton bud to press it down around my nail….


When you peel off the foil it should look something like this…


Once you have done this on all your nails apply a good layer of topcoat because although the foil may look sturdy it comes off really easily & here is the finished product…


I really love how they’ve worked out the colours look great together & they were so simple & quick to do I cant wait to buy some different foils now!

Have you tried foils before? Do you like them? Would you try them? What do you think?


Top 5 Polish Whore Must Haves….

Every nail self confessed Nail Polish whore must have at least one of each of the following polish’s as I am fast finding out

No1 – China Glaze


A top choice for most bloggers & come in a great selection of shades starting from around £6 for a 14ml bottle

No2 – OPI


Another top choice for most nail salons and polish bloggers & at around £5 a bottle it’s not going to break the bank.

No3 – Nfu-Oh


I’m not going to lie the main reason I want this nail polish is for this colour No51 it looks amazing! I’ve read countless blogs & videos on this nail polish & being the mindless polish zombie I am I just have to have it! At £15 a bottle (& what an adorable bottle it is!) it’s definatly not cheap but I need it I want it I must have it! & as it’s pay day on thursday I will have by next month (I apologise in advance for the countless post’s it will inevetably feature in)

No4 – Essie


Bright colours & a cute bottle mean these polishes are extremly popular with nail addict’s all over & at a good price too starting at £5 for a 15ml bottle

No5 – Deborah Lippman


Another great nail polish brand but it doesnt come cheap from around £15 although you can find a good deal on places like amazon & ebay.

Unfortunatly as addicted to Nail polish as I am I don’t have any of these polish’s in my collection *sad face* due to the fact they aren’t your everyday polish’s that I see out & about. But I do plan to try out at least one polish from all of the collections & see if they differ from the more affordable (cheaper) polish’s I already have.

So are there any polish’s that you would reccomend? Do you have any from the collections above? What’s your favourites? Let me know in the comments below