My Favourite Addiction….

I have an addiction I think it’s terminal & my obssesion is Nail Varnish. I love painting my nails trying different colours & patterns &; my collection has been steadily growing over the last year right now I’m up to over 100 nail polish’s including nail art striping brushes & pens.


This was my collection back in August last year I had 45 polishs


This is my collection now I have 106 polishes although a few of them are not shown here as they are multiples. I don’t actually have favourite nail varnish brand & I don’t spend a fortunes on expensive product as I find the majority of the cheaper brands work just as good as the more expensive brands but I woul love at least one of each of the following brands to add to my collection Essie, Nfu-oh, OPI & China Glaze.

I currently store my polish’s in these storage draws….


I prefer to store my nail varnish’s by colour I find it easier e.g. Draw 1 – Blacks, whites, greys & silvers,  Draw 2 – Reds & Pinks, Draw 3 – Blues & Purples Draw 4 – Yellows, Oranges, Browns, Golds & Greens.


I really want a nail varnish rack but they are pretty expensive around £20/£30 for a rack that stores 30 & I’d need at least three so I plan on making one eventually (Or trying at least). Here the gist of what I want it to look like

Lately I’ve been trying out different patterns & designs I bought some dotting tools & I’ve recently heard of Konad Nail Stamps (I know I’m way behind lol) The reason I love the idea of these plates so much is the fact I can’t wear nail varnish at work so I only get to wear it friday till sunday & this way I can get a professional(ish) looking manicure at home & I don’t have waste money going to salons. So I just had to get some and try them out so here is what I’ve been trying out lately….



I loved the Zebra design which is why I chose plate M57. I definatly want to invest in more Konad plates & polishes but they are pretty expensive at £5+ for plate & £3.20+ for the special stamping polishes although I definatly recommend buying this special polish as they show up much better than regular polish’s. I also bought the Bundlemonster stamping plates.


These were £16.99 for 25 an absolute bargain from Amazon & so far the ones I’ve tried work just as well as the Konad plate for a fraction of the price

So what do you think? Have You tried Konad? Do you prefer another brand? How do store your nail polishes? Also tune in for my new weekly nail post.


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