Weekend Nails – Week 1 – Midnight Moonlight

If you read my last post then You’ll know I plan to do a weekly or should I say weekendly post about my nails & the patterns & designs I do on them. Nail varnish is not allowed where I work so I paint them every friday & then remove it every Sunday (or Monday because I usually forget) I’ts sometimes annoying especially when I really like how they look but it does give me plenty of practice trying new patterns and designs out.

This will be sort of a weekly update for me to see how my nails are coming along because as much as I love nails & nail varnish I’m shocking at looking after mine & they aren’t in the best shape as I’m a nail biter 😥 I’m trying to stop but it’s sooooo hard!) & I’ve recently had acrylic nails on which I loved! But they weakend my nails alot so it’s going to be awhile before I can grow them to any sort of length because the ends are so weak & brittle.

Here are my natural non-painted nail aren’t they UGLY!


The yellow tips is where I had my acrylic nails on I can’t wait till they grow out. I had planned in this post to try out my new stamps but I did’nt get round to painting them on friday & saturday was one of my Christmas presents from my lovely boyfriend it was a spa day so I spent the entire day relaxing and being pampered & one of my treatments was a manicure & as soon as I saw this colour I knew I HAD HAD HAD to have it is’nt it gorgeous….


The picture doesn’t really do it justice so I’ll take another in natural light, but it’s amazing so deep & shiny this has 2 coats & a top coat on but it didn’t really need that it was opaque & shiny after just 1 coat. The colour is Midnight Moonlight by Jessica. I’d never heard of Jessica before but the consistency of this one (not to mention the price) has me thinking it must be a good one. It cost me £9.75 the same as online which makes it my most expensive Nail polish to date but it is definatly worth it. Plus I dont have many blue polish’s

So what do you think? Have you any Jessica polish’s? How ugly are my natural nails! Have you painted yours this weekend?
I also promise next weekends my nails will be done by yours truly only they may not look as neat lol



3 thoughts on “Weekend Nails – Week 1 – Midnight Moonlight

  1. I love Midnight Moonlight! 😀 I don’t have any Jessica polishes yet but I am definitely wanting to try some (they did those Chanel dupes, right?).

    And…omg your natural nails are looking great! Look at how little yellow you have left! My nails are the color of corn chips, ewww! :/ I only have the smallest sliver of pink at my cuticle gap and the rest = yellow. I wear a treatment coat followed by a base coat under polish and it just doesn’t matter. My nails are stain city! Luckily I have a bajillion untrieds, lolz! XD

  2. Midnight Moonlight is a spectacularly beautiful blue! Sadly we don’t seem to have Jessica polishes here in Canada, we are deprived!
    I love deep blues like this, wish I could get hold of one. Perhaps ebay?

    I don’t think your nails look too bad at all, in fact they look really good! I think you are taking good care of them.

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