Weekend Nails – Week 2 – Golden Shred

Hey hey & welcome to week 2 of my weekend nail design first off here are my natural nails in all there dull glory.

My Natural Nails – Week 2


They look a little better than last week as they have been filed, buffed, & polished which means you can see less of the yellow tips but they still have a way to go before I’m happy with them.

But we all know you didn’t come to see those ugly things your came to see them looking all pretty & shiny so let’s move onto that. I had no set idea in my head about this design but I’d ordered some nail foils earlier in the week & by chance they arrived on friday & I had to try it out but I also wanted to use my Jessica polish again so I came up with a little practice pattern for them….

The Materials

Here are the things I used for this design.


Base coat – Rimmel – Stronger base coat

Polish – Jessica – Midnight Moonlight

Glitz Foil Adhesive

Nails Foils in Gold

The Design

First I painted 1 coat of the Rimmel base coat then 2 coats of the Jessica polish & waited till they had dried completely. I then cut out 10 smallish peices of foil around the same size as my thumb.


Then came the tricky part how would I get the lines of foil glue small enough? But I looked around and found an old liquid eyeliner & cleaned it out and it worked perfectly for the lines….


The glue goes on a whiteish colour & once it has dried it turn clear but is still tacky to the touch, next i took a peice of foil & gently placed it on top of my finger, When it was in place I used a cotton bud to press it down around my nail….


When you peel off the foil it should look something like this…


Once you have done this on all your nails apply a good layer of topcoat because although the foil may look sturdy it comes off really easily & here is the finished product…


I really love how they’ve worked out the colours look great together & they were so simple & quick to do I cant wait to buy some different foils now!

Have you tried foils before? Do you like them? Would you try them? What do you think?



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