Weekend Nails – Week 3 – Bah Humbug ♔

Here are is my newest & last addition to January’s weekend nails, It’s a little late as I had a busy day yesterday but it make me very sad that it’s almost February we only had christmas last week! It makes feel like saying Bah humbug so without further ado here are are the polish’s I used….


& here are my humbug nails….


To say I love black & white together would be an understatement the colour always look fantastic together no matter what pattern plus I’m going to a black & white party tonight so I knew they would look great with my outfit.



3 thoughts on “Weekend Nails – Week 3 – Bah Humbug ♔

    • The nail art polishs i used have long thin brushes which are great for lines, I’ve also just bought some nail art brushes which also come with long thin brushes so i cant wait to try out new designs in different colours.

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