My Nail Polish Emporium!…♔

As you may remember I did a post on my nail polish collection & storage which looked like this…..



Well I am so stupidly excited by what I have just purchased I may actually cry. This is only something that my fellow polish addicts will understand the rest of you will most likely think I’m bonkers (which is actually true) but it is beautiful! I’m shedding a tear as we speak (or I type but I’m reading it all in my head anyway) It fits all my polish’s in as they are all in different sized bottles it would hold less of the larger bottles such as OPI & Revlon.

My only concern is do I store them by colour….


or by brand….

Nail Polish Rack

I do prefer having them in colour as its easier to see what colour I want but visually because all the bottles are different sizes it looks better by brand, either way I love it! You have nooo idea how long it took me to find this bad boy! I must have googled, ebayed, & amazoned nail polish racks a bazilion times & I never managed to find one that holds more than 30 polish’s for less than £60 but here it is the new love of my life (sorry Josh) isnt it amazing!

I had seen on another site which advertised it as being £35 with free P+P then added £7 VAT at checkout then insisted I had to spend at LEAST £50 BEFORE VAT which when i attempted made my seemingly cheap polish rack at £35 now cost me £67! RIDICULOUS is the word you are looking for. Enter Amazon *insert soppy face* this only cost £35 + £1.60 P+P! This is actually my Valentine present from my lovely lovely boyfriend he doesn’t quite get my obsession lol.

This is the first time I’d seen a rack that held over 90 bottles on the UK site they have loads on the US site (stupid england) but anyhoooo I’m rambling so what do you think?.

I’ve also been a busy little bee buying and ordering different nail art equipment but untill it all arrives I won’t be going through everything individually but for now here are my updated storage boxes….

Nail Art Storage

How do you store your nail polishs & equipment? & am I a bad polish lover for not owning any China Glaze, Essie or OPI polish’s? I feel bad about it….



8 thoughts on “My Nail Polish Emporium!…♔

  1. I actually just purchased some storage containers from my growing collection of nail polish 2 weekends ago and also a case that I opens and I can easily access my files, clippers, cuticle pushers, UV light, etc. I love mine. It makes such a difference. BTW – I store mine by brand (one for OPI, one for China Glaze, and one for Nina’s Ultra Pro polish). Then I have one more for all the rest — L’Oreal, Essie, Sally Hansen, etc.

  2. Total envy here for the rack. I’ve done the Google-Ebay-Amazon-omg route countless times and nothing comes up for a decent price. I live in Estonia so that’s even worse then UK when it comes to shipping and availability.
    So hey, congrats! 😀

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