Weekend Nails – Week 4 – Flakie Fun ♔

I am literally obsessed with my Essie polish, Shine Of The times!


I’ve painted my nails 3 times this weekend the first you saw in the last post Love At First Shine. I tried Shine of the times on over all three of the Rimmel polish’s & it looked great on all three….


I really liked the middle colour Dream it’s a greyish lilac It will definatly be getting used alot in the summer months but int the end this is what I chose……


I painted most of my nails in ‘Angel’ & my ring finger in ‘Wish’. I had this on all they day but then I started wondering what would it look like over black? So my curiosity got the better of me & here is the polish over black….

In some lights it takes on a reddish/orange colour and in others it has a greenish tinge…
It is so pretty!


This looks so cool! This may be my favouritest ever polish ever in the world ever! (or at least untill my Nfu-Oh 51 turns up if it ever does I’ve been waiting 3weeks!)

Anyways here are all the polish’s I used in this post…..


Frome left to right Revlon ‘Lunar’, Seche Vite Topcoat, Rimmel ‘Angel’, Rimmel ‘Dream’, Rimmel ‘Wish’, Essie ‘Shine Of The Times’……I know loads right!

So how did you do your nails this weekened?



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