Weekend Nails – Week 5 – Give A Little Love ♔

Hiii Guyss, I’ve been a bad blogger this past week no mid-week mani & only one post in the week & no weekend nails untill today = A Very Bad Blogger!


I plan to make it up to you though! With some new updated storages & collections in the week & my oh so cute weekend nails. They’re all lovey-dovey in the spirit of Valentines Day, which is partly why there was no post yesterday as I was celebrating early with Josh. But I’m back & here’s what I used….


The pink polish is my newest addition to my collection i will be showing my updated collection in a later post, but I LOVE the colour it’s so bright & fresh & I love the contrast with the deep red….


Aren’t they adorable!!!

These were pretty simple for a begginer like me but very fitting for the time of year. They aren’t the neatest hearts but I’m just getting used to using my brushes & paint’s. I can’t wait to try out different patterns!

How do your nails look this weekend? & Happy Valentines Day!



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