Weekend Nails – Week 7 (ish) – NFU-OH 51 ♔….

Ok well first off I would like to apologise for being a sucky blogger these past couple of weeks but last weekend I went to Amsterdam with my boyfriend for his 21st so although I did paint my nails I didn’t get chance to take pictures but I did have an amazing time but here a swatch of the nails I had over that weekend…..


I used Essie – Shine Of The Times & Rimmel – Wish

This weekend has also been a busy one so I didn’t get chance to post at the weekend but my NFU-OH polish has arrived! So heres what I used…


& heres how it looked…

With Flash


Without Flash


And I have to say i’m actually dissapointed in how it looks all the reveiws & other blogs i’ve seen using this polish look AMAZING but I’m going to try it again with a different base coat hopefully it’ll look better

So how did you do your nails this weekend?



2 thoughts on “Weekend Nails – Week 7 (ish) – NFU-OH 51 ♔….

  1. Yeah, that does look disappointing for a £15 bottle of nail polish. I bought one a few weeks back, haven’t tried yet (it’s in the new polish queue!), was thinking about a purple or black base and now definitely going for the black! Hopefully it will look amazing on that!

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