Collection & Giveaway updates….

Updated Nail Polish Collection

Nail Polish Rack

A big thanks to everyone who voted or commented & the majority of you would like me to do a video & a blog post so I will be attempting this and I say ‘ATTEMPTING!’ lol because video recording’s make me a little nervous and stupid which is the main reason I dont youtube but I promise I will give the video part a good go. I will also be blogging it for those have you that don’t want to listen to me rambling like a loony. I will be doing these sometime in the next few weeks so don’t think I’ve forgotten about it :).

100 Subscribers Giveaway


I am currently at 94 followers WOOOOOO!! (This does include my facebook & twitter followers I have 53 blog followers) To be eligible for this giveaway you will have to follow my blog, twitter & facebook pages. Other giveaway details will be announced when I reach 100 followers. And for those of you that aren’t from the UK don’t fret because this will be an international giveaway 🙂

Here are my links you’ll need to be following if you plan to enter





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