Weekend Nails – Week 14 – As Gold As It Gets

I’ve seen lots and lots of variations of colour fading & they all look so good that I just had to try it myself so I decided I use gold for this so here are the shades I used….

Revlon – Gold As It get’s as a base coat, Nails Inc – Old Bond Street, Barry M – Gold, Accessorize – Gold Glitter & Saffron – Large Gold Flecks. I know I used alot lol but they looked sooo pretty I couldn’t stop staring…..

Unfortunatly the picture just don’t show how gorgeous  they are! It also doesn’t shot the fading very well but I loved them even if you don’t lol. Everytime the sun shone on them they sparkled & I had to stop whatever I was doing and gawp at them like a mad fool. I’m definatly going to do these again in silver & maybe fading the opposite way.



Weekend Nails – Week 13 – Pretty Pastel Flowers

Hi guy’s I was unsure of what to do this weekend as I wasn’t going anywhere so I thought I’d keep them cute & easy…


Here’s what I used, Revlon Top speed – Cloud (it’s such a gorgeous lilac/lavender colour I love it), Sally Hansen Xtreme wear – Mellow Yellow & the last is is Evie glam in Aqua (it’s never seen aqua imo) This was just a really cheap polish I picked up in some random shop I just really liked the colour. So heres my pretty flowers….

They aren’t bad for my first attempt at flowered nails & I’ll definatly try them again soon, what do you think?

& also if you ever want me to show you a turtorial on any of my nails I’d be happy to do so just ask.

Hope you all had a good weekend, How did you do your nails?


My New Blog!

I’ve been thinking about changing my other blog Life In Leopard Print for awhile now, because I just wasn’t really interested in it anymore & wanted change the direction I’d origanally started out in. Which was pretty hard with the name on the blog being what it is so I decided to start again from scratch so from now on my Life In Leopard Print blog has officially ended & will be continued in the form of Canary Fayre my new fashion/beauty/everything blog…

Click any of the pictures below to visit the sites


Facebook bird

Twitter Bird

FYI – this blog will still be continued it’s only Life In Leopard Print that is ending


Weekend Nails – Week 12 – Cute Cupcake Nails

Hello my little Easter Bunnies! I hope you all had a great Easter I’ve had a lovely long weekend It’s been a lot of fun. But enough about that your only here to see my nails. I had a bit of a struggle deciding what to on my nails this weekend but in the end it was a toss up between Easter eggs or cupcakes in the end the cupcakes won mainly because I knew there would be a lot of Easter egg/bunnies/chicks floating around plus I prefer cupcakes to Easter eggs lol.

Here are the polishs I used…


The pale pink is actually a franken polish because I don’t have any pale pinks in my collection (yet). I used Revlons Sweetart for the stripes & the white for the cupcake cream.

Cupcake nails

Cupcake Nails

I really like these they are super cute & actually pretty easy to do I also ended up doing them for my sister & her friend lol.

Have you had a good Easter weekend? How did you do your nails?


Dry, Brittle, Peeling nails….

Unfortunatly this is what I suffer from it sounds gross, It isn’t actually as gross as it sounds (although on some it is) but it is definatly frustrating because no matter how long I stop biting my nails for they don’t grow because the tips peel which makes them weak & they either break or have to be cut down. But I think I may have found my saving grace in the shape of….

Quimeca Alemana Nail Harder


I read about this is a blog (I can’t for the life of me remember whoes) & it sounded really good so I read up on it & it sounded really good. I looked online for UK sellers but it’s ridiculously priced over here at £21 on Amazon so I tried ebay & found an international seller & managed to get it for £6.56 a bargain imo. I have now been using it just under a week & I can already tell a difference my nails are less harder & less bendy. I think I need to use it for at least a month to see if it stops the peeling but if you just suffer from soft, bendy nails I would definatly reccomend it.

Heres what it say’s about the product….

Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener  .47 FL OZ

Excellent Colombian nail fortifier that besides forming a protective barrier prevents chipping, peeling and splitting.  Apply once weekly to create a protective barrier that prevents and corrects breaking, thinning, and peeling of the nail. Instant results with each application.  DIRECTIONS:  Shake gently.  Apply to clean, bare nails.  When you start its use brush a thin coat from the middle of the nail toward the tip.  Once you nails are hard brush a thin layer over the whole nail, avoid cuticles.  Use every week.

INGREDIENT:  Tosylamide, Formaldehyde Resin, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Nitrocellulose, Castor Oil, Butyl Alcohol, MEK, Acetone, Ethly Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Amyl Acetate
There is also a little picture to help you ensure you are getting the correct product


Here are my nails as from today…..



My Middle & Index fingers are by far the worst of the bunch they are the main culprits for peeling and breaking they are always my shortest nails. My index finger & pinky fingers are the best at growing & actually grow pretty well. & my thumb basically does what it wants some weeks it grows, some weeks it peels, some weeks it breaks it’s very inconsistent lol. But Fingers crossed that soon all my nails will be long & healthy 🙂

Let me know If you use, tried or are going to buy this product and how things are going for you.