My New Blog!

I’ve been thinking about changing my other blog Life In Leopard Print for awhile now, because I just wasn’t really interested in it anymore & wanted change the direction I’d origanally started out in. Which was pretty hard with the name on the blog being what it is so I decided to start again from scratch so from now on my Life In Leopard Print blog has officially ended & will be continued in the form of Canary Fayre my new fashion/beauty/everything blog…

Click any of the pictures below to visit the sites


Facebook bird

Twitter Bird

FYI – this blog will still be continued it’s only Life In Leopard Print that is ending



5 thoughts on “My New Blog!

  1. Hello my fellow blogger, I follow your blog and you follow mine as well. I am sort of new to blogging and need more links.
    I would luv to put your LINK on my blog and you do the same me.

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