Weekend Nails – Week 12 – Cute Cupcake Nails

Hello my little Easter Bunnies! I hope you all had a great Easter I’ve had a lovely long weekend It’s been a lot of fun. But enough about that your only here to see my nails. I had a bit of a struggle deciding what to on my nails this weekend but in the end it was a toss up between Easter eggs or cupcakes in the end the cupcakes won mainly because I knew there would be a lot of Easter egg/bunnies/chicks floating around plus I prefer cupcakes to Easter eggs lol.

Here are the polishs I used…


The pale pink is actually a franken polish because I don’t have any pale pinks in my collection (yet). I used Revlons Sweetart for the stripes & the white for the cupcake cream.

Cupcake nails

Cupcake Nails

I really like these they are super cute & actually pretty easy to do I also ended up doing them for my sister & her friend lol.

Have you had a good Easter weekend? How did you do your nails?



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