Weekend Nails – Week 19 – Skittles Nails

I wanted to do something nice & bright for the weekend & I LOVE skittles so I thought why not do skittles nails?! so heres what I used…. Kiss Nail Paint in white, Rimmel lasting finish – Green Grass, Sally … Continue reading

Weekend Nails – Week 15 – Black & Silver

Sorry This has took so long this week has been hectic, Anyway Last weekends nails were just quick easy and simple as I had a busy weekend as I went to scarborough so here are the polish’s I used…


I used, Barry M – Black, & Gallery Colour – Silver Sparkle for my accent nail so here are my nails.


These were quick easy but effective as I would be wearing black and silver that night.

How did you do your nails?


Weekend Nails – Week 11 – Minnie Mouse Nails

Well I went to Disney On Ice Princess’s & Heroes on saturday & it was AMAZING! This is the second time I’ve been my boyfriend bought me tickets for Christmas, here is one of my favourite bits of the show from my favourite Disney films Little Mermaid.

I decided that Minnie Mouse would be a good theme so here’s are my nails….


& My toes 🙂


How did you do your nails?

Weekend Nails – Week 10 – Pretty Pastel Polkadots

I have to say I was rather upset when I removed this polish because it just looked soooo cute! But stupid work & their stupid rules meant it had to be removed.

I’ve been craving the pastel look lately & as I’m rather poor at the minute I decided to do the next best thing & make my very first Franken polish! I used Sally Hansens – Blue Me Away & Rimmels – London Clouds & an old empty mini bottle of Seche Vite to make this pretty colour….


It didn’t turn out as pastel as I would have like but it is really pretty & summery…


Aren’t they adorable! I love polkadots especially in bright colours.


I used 1 coat of OPI’s Alpine Snow Matter & 1 coat of the blue it worked perfectly & only need one coat & the coverage was perfect I love how they turned out.

Polkadots will also be incorporated into next weeks nails as I’m going to see Disney on Ice YAY so expect some Disney themed nails next week :). I will also be announcing the rules of my giveaway & the prizes within the next week so keep your eyes peeled 🙂


Weekend Nails – Week 8 – It’s A Bling Thing

Well my nails this weekend may possibly be favourite summer look nail EVER! I was Inspired because of the gorgeous sunny weather we’ve been having so I thought I’d make the most of it, They were so easy to do, but it looks so effective I can’t stop looking at them. So without further a do here’s what I used…..
OPI, Saffron, Seche Vite

My very first OPI polish! I am a little obsessed with white nail polish but for some reason they seem to take FOREVER to dry, I heard OPI’s Alpine Snow was a good white polish & read a review saying that the matte form dried quickly & looked good so I decided to take the plunge. & I’m glad I did, it goes on a little streaky but dries in no time at all so the fact it took 3 coats was counteracted by the fact it dried in less time than most gloss polish’s so I would definatly reccomend it! I used Saffron Gold Glitter flecks I also have this in silver but I love white & gold together & Seche Vite Fast dry top coat to finish off.

So here are my finished nails…



How pretty! They look so bright & fresh I will definatly be doing this again. For This I used 3 coats of OPI Alpine Snow Matte, 2 Coats of Saffron Gold Glitter Flakes & 1 coat Of Seche Vite Fast dry Topcoat.

So what do you think to this look


How did you do your nails this weekend?