Weekend Nails – Week 20 – Flip Flop Fantasy


I’m back! Sorry I took so long away I just needed a break I’ve been concentrating on my other blog Canary Fayre & on my youtube channel & also had a lot of laptop problems but I’m back & will try to be a better blogger :).

Anyway heres what I used to create these nails…

flip flop

Gallery Colours – Silver Sparkle, China Glaze – Flip Flop Fantasy, Seche Vite fast dry top coat.

and here are my nails…

I love these colours together they real sparkle next to each other. Flip flop Fantasy is fast becoming my favourite colour it’s so bright. It look pink on the picture but its more of a coral colour in person but either way it gorgeous.

Other News Natural Nails

As you may remember I have been trying to grow my nails for as long as I can remember & I’ve finally succeeded!

here were my nails back in april….



Very ugly, short & brittle which you can see from this post…..

and here they are now…



They are looking and feeling so much better! They do break every now and again but that’s due to length not strength I’m so happy with them.

I used Quimeca Alemana Nail Harder to read more about this please read my earlier post here.



Weekend Nails – Week 19 – Skittles Nails

I wanted to do something nice & bright for the weekend & I LOVE skittles so I thought why not do skittles nails?! so heres what I used…. Kiss Nail Paint in white, Rimmel lasting finish – Green Grass, Sally … Continue reading

Weekend Nails – Week 13 – Pretty Pastel Flowers

Hi guy’s I was unsure of what to do this weekend as I wasn’t going anywhere so I thought I’d keep them cute & easy…


Here’s what I used, Revlon Top speed – Cloud (it’s such a gorgeous lilac/lavender colour I love it), Sally Hansen Xtreme wear – Mellow Yellow & the last is is Evie glam in Aqua (it’s never seen aqua imo) This was just a really cheap polish I picked up in some random shop I just really liked the colour. So heres my pretty flowers….

They aren’t bad for my first attempt at flowered nails & I’ll definatly try them again soon, what do you think?

& also if you ever want me to show you a turtorial on any of my nails I’d be happy to do so just ask.

Hope you all had a good weekend, How did you do your nails?


Weekend Nails – Week 12 – Cute Cupcake Nails

Hello my little Easter Bunnies! I hope you all had a great Easter I’ve had a lovely long weekend It’s been a lot of fun. But enough about that your only here to see my nails. I had a bit of a struggle deciding what to on my nails this weekend but in the end it was a toss up between Easter eggs or cupcakes in the end the cupcakes won mainly because I knew there would be a lot of Easter egg/bunnies/chicks floating around plus I prefer cupcakes to Easter eggs lol.

Here are the polishs I used…


The pale pink is actually a franken polish because I don’t have any pale pinks in my collection (yet). I used Revlons Sweetart for the stripes & the white for the cupcake cream.

Cupcake nails

Cupcake Nails

I really like these they are super cute & actually pretty easy to do I also ended up doing them for my sister & her friend lol.

Have you had a good Easter weekend? How did you do your nails?


Weekend Nails – Week 7 (ish) – NFU-OH 51 ♔….

Ok well first off I would like to apologise for being a sucky blogger these past couple of weeks but last weekend I went to Amsterdam with my boyfriend for his 21st so although I did paint my nails I didn’t get chance to take pictures but I did have an amazing time but here a swatch of the nails I had over that weekend…..


I used Essie – Shine Of The Times & Rimmel – Wish

This weekend has also been a busy one so I didn’t get chance to post at the weekend but my NFU-OH polish has arrived! So heres what I used…


& heres how it looked…

With Flash


Without Flash


And I have to say i’m actually dissapointed in how it looks all the reveiws & other blogs i’ve seen using this polish look AMAZING but I’m going to try it again with a different base coat hopefully it’ll look better

So how did you do your nails this weekend?