My Polish Wishlist

I have a dream….. it invovles nail polish…… these ones to be exact…..

(all colours bold, Italic & Red have been bought)

All average prices are subject to change depending on where you purchase them from, e.g. Ebay & Amazon may have them for cheaper so shop around before buying.


 (Average Price between £12/£16)

The Opal Collection – 37, 38, 39, 43, 45, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 54, 56, 57, 59, 60

Actuall scrap that I just want every freaking colour they have made they are amazing!!!!


 (Average Price between £7/£10)

Miami Nice

After Sex

Jamaica Me Crazy

Tour De Finance

Shine of the Times

Wife Goes On

Ole Caliente

Jam n Jelly

Sexy Divide

Aruba Blue

Midnight Cami

Dive Bar

Trophy Wife

Go Overboard

To Buy Or Not To Buy


 (Average Price between £8/11)

I Eat Mainely Lobster

Color To Dinner For

Romeo & Joliet

Be A Dahlia Won’t You?

Pedal Faster Suzi

Red Lights Ahead…Where?

An Affair In Red Square

I Lily Love you

I Vant To be A-lone Star

Pamplona Purple

Midnight In Moscow

Gone Gonzo

Wocka Wocka

Did It On ‘Em

Gargantuan Green

DS Magic

Austin-Tatious Turquoise

Yodel me On My Cell

Are We There Yet?

China Glaze

 (Average Price between £7/10)

Bad Kitty

Pink Voltage


Ravishing Dahling

Flip Flop Fantasy

Italian Red

Heart Of Africa

An Affair to Remember

Yello Polka Dot Bikini

Pool Party

Dorothy Who?

Beauty & The Beach

Meteor Shower

Turned Up Turquoise

Sour Apple

Emerald Fitzgerald

Senorita Bonita


 (Average Price £9.75)

Red Vines

Midnight Moolight


Pink Diamonds

Anything Goes

Out All Night

Indigo Glow

Birds of Paradise

Shall We Dance

Cinderella Red

Irradecent Eye

Some Like it Hot

Nails Inc

 (Average Price £11)

Serpentine Road

Notting Hill Gate

Oxford Street

Sumner Place

Porchester Place


Seven Dials

Hyde Park Gate

Walton Place

Symons Street


Little Miss Splendid

Atomic Orange

Warwick Way

Bloomsbury Square

Connaught Square

The Boltons

The Mall

Anna Sui

These polish’s come in absolutely amazing bottles & are like the freaking holy grail to find in the UK! but I must have one!



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