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Yay my very first tag! Now I feel like a real blogger thanks to Natasha Spark @ UnderScoreDesigns


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11 Things About Me

1.) My full name is Zoe Chaze (My dad liked to make up names just wait till you hear my sisters) Spence, I was born on The 18th of November 1988 (I’m getting so ooooolldd :'(). I live in Sheffeild, England with my mum & her fiance. I have 1 younger sister who’s 20 She’s called Rozzele (See I told you).


This Picture was about 7 months into our relationship I look so young! (well younger lol)


This is us now. this was taken last November when we went to Puerto Rico

2.) I have an amazing boyfriend Josh we’ve been together for just under 4 and a half years he drives me insane at time & my nickname for him is Grandad because sometimes he acts like he 80 although hes actually 2 years younger than me lol.


This is us about 2 year ago in Amsterdam, Im not gona lie I struggled to find a picture where we aren't all drunk lol anyway from left to right Roseanne, Me & Robyn.

3.) My best friends are Robyn & Roseanne I’ve been best friends with Roseanne (Or Big Roy as we call her) since nursery & known Robyn since comp. We do almost everything together

4.) I have no pets but would love a dog, snake, monkey, penguin & a lizard


Ignore how completely lame I look on this picture this was the day I bought her I really need to take a new picture lol

5.) I drive & my car is my baby She’s called Marnie & is a 58 plate, Cherry Red Mini One I’ve had it just over a year & I love her!

6.) Things that terrify me are… Slugs! I hate the freaky weird slippery slimy ugly little things! Just thinking about them gives the the heebie jeebies. I’m also scared of getting old Ironically I’m not at all scared of dying not that I want to it just doesn’t scare me what does scare me is people I love dying  I hate the thought of having no-one left…On a lighter note these stupid blue cuppa soup hands make me freak a leek aswell. I literally had to turn the TV over when they came on so FYI Batchelors Cup a soup I do not want a hug!

8.) I work full time as a Room supervisor in The baby room in a nursery with children aged 0-18months (they are soo adorable).

9.) My favourite colours are Purple & Turquoise but I have a weakness for almost anything black & white.

10.) I love reading! I have soo many books but nowhere to put them so I got a kindle over a year ago & I’m so glad it sooo much easier & they have sooo many titles starting from£00.00. My favourite books that I can read again and again is The Harry Potter series.

11.) I absolutely LOVE  anything Crime or Supernatural themed, especially Supernatural (I love Dean Winchester) Medium, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, All CSI’s Dexter, NCSI, Law & order SVU

11 Questions About Me

1.) What is your best childhood memory?

How lame is it that not one memory sticks out in my head? I honestly don’t know.

2.) Why did you start blogging?

Because everyone else does it. Lol no it’s a longish story, Actually no-one I know blogs to my knowledge & the majority of them don’t even know what a blog is never mind that I have 4 of them. The reason it started is I’m a Sims addict! I used to read legacy stories (If you don’t know what a legacy story is click here) & decided to start my own Sims story Confessions Of A Golddigger when my game crashed I tried to do a few legacy stories but could never get past Generation one so I stopped for awhile then I literally  just stumbled across a fashion/lifestyle blog one one day & enjoyed it. I started reading a few & thought ‘HEY I CAN DO THAT!’ & low & behold on the 31st July 2011 Life in Leopard Print was born. It was about a year later that I realised my Nail polish obsession was taking over & I started this blog,  Inbetween this time I also developed a love for Decoden & DIY so I started Deco Dazzle which doesn’t get posted on as much as I’d like but whenever I do/make anything worth posting it gets put on there & hopefully there will be more posts when my supplies arrive. I guess this is my main blog now as I post on it alot more regularly than my others but I do still post on all other blogs except Confessions Of A Goldigger.

3.) What is the best compliment anyone has given you? What was the worst thing anyone said to you?

I tend not to believe compliments favouring critism as more realistic but non of either really stand out as amazing. Although I love compliments on nails those are the one really remember

4.) If a make-up collection were named after you, what brand would make it, what would the collection be called, and what would the story behind the collection be?

I feel that I suck at this tag this I have no memories, compliments & no ideas for a make-up collection. A nail polish collection would have been more up my street lol as I’m not that into make-up. Dont get me wrong I wear it, I couldn’t live without it but its more of a necessity than a love. My collection would be affordable, long lasting and in a large range of colours to suit all skin types.

5) If you had to choose between having your nails one color for the rest of your life, what color would it be?

Black!…No white!….wait…no…Black….actually white? maybe or would black be better? Argghhh too hard they’ll have to be black & white forever lol

6.) Do you take vitamins for your hair, skin, and nails? If so do you see a difference?

I’ve recently started I’ve noticed a small difference in my skin but I haven’t been taking them that long so I’ll give it a month

7.) What type of shoes do you wear all summer long?

Sandals & FlipFlops to show off my pretty toenails 🙂

8.) Are you more likely to buy things on sale, or are you willing to splurge?

Both! I’m a clothes whore & shopaholic every now & again I’ll splurge my last 2 big spends was a dress for Topshop at £65 & a pair of UGG boots at £200. The majority of the time I go for cheaper bargains & I LOVE Ebay!

9.) If you had to choose between having a mullet for a month, or no lashes and eyebrows (not even fake ones!) for a month which one would you choose?

I’m unsure on this one I may be able to pull off a mullet but I not sure about no eyebrows or eyelashes with my current hairstyle (I have a fringe) I could probably deal with no eyebrowse or lashes

10.) Where is the best place you’ve ever travelled to?

America Disney Land, The land where dreams come true lol, I was about 14/15 when I went & I’ve wanted to go back ever since I’m currently trying to convince my boyfriend that we should go

11.) Do you collect anything?

I am a Hoarder with a capital H I collect everything. My main obsession is Nail Polish I have well over 100 bottles but I’ve  started to amass a rather large Lipstick collection, I also collect boxes all shapes & sizes mainly the type that expensive perfumes come in such as Guerlain Insolence my mum always buys it and the gift sets come in really pretty boxes.

11 Questions For You

1.) Favourite Film?

2.) Who is your favourite blogger?

3.) If you could have any job in the world what would you do? (Not including actor/actress or singer)

4.) What’s your favourite nail polish brand & colour?

5.) If you could only choose 3 food to eat for the rest of your life what would they be?

6.) What’s your go to nail polish colour?

7.) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

8.) Whats inspires you?

9.) How long have you been blogging for & why did you start blogging?

10.) What phone have you got?

11.) Name 3 things you couldn’t live without?

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