I’m engaged!

Well after 5 1/2 years together I am excited and happy to announce that we’re (Me & Josh) now engaged!

He proposed Sunday 19th May 2013.

I wont got into too much detail I’ll just give you the short of it if you’d like the fully story just leave a comment & I’ll do it in my next post

On one knee with my friends & family around 🙂 It was so sweet & I honestly had no idea & being the usual me (classy as ever) actually shouted “OMG whats happening?” when he dropped to one knee but the long & the short of it is I SAID YES!

& Boy oh boy did he put a ring on it! I adore it it’s so different & completely unique (designed by himself)

I absolutely love it & couldn’t be happier I have the most amazing fiance! (I still want to say boyfriend lol)

 I’ve already turned into bridezilla & bought my first wedding magazine! I’ve also bought a scrapbook as I plan to a wedding scrapbook from the engagement, all the planning right up until the wedding which will hopefully be August 2015!



Weekend Nails – Week 19 – Skittles Nails

I wanted to do something nice & bright for the weekend & I LOVE skittles so I thought why not do skittles nails?! so heres what I used…. Kiss Nail Paint in white, Rimmel lasting finish – Green Grass, Sally … Continue reading

Mid-week Mani ♔ Week 3(ish)….

Ok well as I’m also doing a natural nail diary I decided I might aswell do these in a different post than my weekend nails which will kepp posts shorter & more to the point. I’m posting this abit late as I was extremly busy yesterday but from now on I hereby declare Wednesday will be forever know as Mid-week mani day! Or at least it will be to me and those of you that care lol.

This post will basically entail me giving my nails basic nail strengthing/cuticle/filing treatments then moaning & whining about how short/ugly/yellow/crumbly/flaky & so on & so forth my nails are, so if you aren’t a fan a natural non painted nails run away now & wait till saturday but if you are intrigued or like to be horrified on a weekly basis then please tune in to my mid-week horror show, which hopefully will not be so hideous in a few months (finger crossed).

I will also be giving my nails a score out of 10 for Strength, colour & length so here is this weeks entry…


Strength – 1 – my tips are still freakishly weak & crumbly as I still have a good few mm of length to go untill where my acrylics had been grow out

Length – 1 – What length? Ok well some them have a ickle tiny bit of tip to them but its pretty bendy & they break easily

Colour – 5 – I must stop painting to my cuticle bed & nail edges this is basic nail painting 101 but it’s a habit I gotten into & I must break it! But on the plus side I have been much better at using a base coat so although where the nail is growing out it is still a little yellow the majority of the nail is a nice pink colour