This blog is ending but it’s not all doom and gloom

But don’t panic It’s not all over I just don’t have time to update this one anymore because my new blog The rings and other things

is taking up my spare time, that and the fact that even though i still have 22 months or 664 days(I know it seems ages but when i first got engaged It was 800 days to go!) left before I get married it takes up most of my spare time & all of my focus and attention is on that at the moment. I literally seem to have a one track mind if it’s not about weddings I can’t seem to focus and as you can see it’s been awhile since I updated or did anything on this blog, so after lots of umming & ahhing I’ve decided to end this blog and my Canary Fayre to concentrate solely on The Rings & Other Things so from now on I will only be posting on there.

About The Rings & Things

At the minute this blog is mainly about planning my wedding but eventually it will expand to be about other things (I promise!) e.g. buying a house, married life, and hopefully (fingers crossed) having a baby. It’s definitely going to be more life & lifestyle related than this blog although I stillplan to post some fashion and nails things even if at the moment they are all wedding related. I also plan to get back in to you tubing sometime in the near future but at the minute things are busy busy busy.

How to Follow my new blog

I know my new blog will not be every bodies cup of tea but If you would like to follow my wedding journey and everything in between I would really love it if you could follow me on The Rings & Other Things.

you can also follow via

Twitter @Thefloralbride



Thank you to all of you who have followed me on here I will be keeping this blog open till at least the end of the year then I will be closing it down for good so check out my new blog!