Weekend Nails – Week 19 – Skittles Nails

I wanted to do something nice & bright for the weekend & I LOVE skittles so I thought why not do skittles nails?! so heres what I used…. Kiss Nail Paint in white, Rimmel lasting finish – Green Grass, Sally … Continue reading

Weekend Nails – Week 16(ish) – Apricot Punch

Ok apologies to be made on A) the fact I didn’t post anything last week I’m soo sorry about that I did paint my nails but me being me completly forgot to take a picture of them untill I took the polish then I was all

& B) Another apology for not doing my updated polish collection video or my giveaway post. As for the collection video that will be on standby for awhile as Im in the process of redecorating my room & will have a different way of storing my polishs, but as soon as it’s done I promise I will video it for you.

Also the giveaway post will be up as soon as possible. For my other giveaways (things other than nail polish) there will be a giveaway that I have ready and waiting for at 50 followers on my Canary Fayre blog so stay tuned for that.

anyway onto the polish…..


I’m loving coral/apricot colours lately & this colour is soo pretty! It’s Rimmel London Fruities – Apricot Punch & it seriously smells like apricots even after a topcoat I love it & I had serious urges to ask random people to smell my fingers good times ensued I amuse myself with my sick mind lol. I also used my favourite gold glitter by Gallery Colours in gold to add a little sparkle….


I’m loving the accent nail lately whether its a completly different colour or just a pattern I’m officially on the bandwagon & these colour go so well together they were great for how sunny it was this weekend.

So how did you do your nails?


Weekend Nails – Week 15 – Black & Silver

Sorry This has took so long this week has been hectic, Anyway Last weekends nails were just quick easy and simple as I had a busy weekend as I went to scarborough so here are the polish’s I used…


I used, Barry M – Black, & Gallery Colour – Silver Sparkle for my accent nail so here are my nails.


These were quick easy but effective as I would be wearing black and silver that night.

How did you do your nails?